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How to Choose the PERFECT Project Bag | Knit Crochet Handmade Craft Projects

DIY Sheep Crafts | How to Choose The Perfect Project Bag
Who LOVES project bags? I know I do! Project bags are the perfect accessory for any craft person, whether you're at home or on the go. Not only do you need the perfect bag to hold your current work-in-progress, but in an ideal world, you'd have a different bag for every day of the week. Wait, who am I kidding, you need the perfect bag for every day of the year (at least I know I do!).

How do you go about deciding on the perfect project bag for you? There are so many options out there, and let's face it, we all have to prioritize our budget. So, I've brought in project-bag-expert, Debi Roberts, of Baa Berry Farms to help you decide what bag is right for YOU!

I personally have SEVERAL of her bags, most of which travel with me when I go out of town, and I can tell you first-hand that Debi knows her stuff when it comes to bags!

How to Choose the Perfect Project Bag

First, Meet Debi

DIY Sheep Crafts | How to Choose the Perfect Project BagHi! I'm Debi, Head of Shenanigans for Baa Berry Farms, a boutique sheep farm and textile brand based in Miller, Nebraska.

My obsession with sewing and all things fiber arts began innocently enough as a little girl, at my Gram's knee. It quickly evolved into a yarn stash my daughter eagerly awaits to inherit!

My operation is a realization of my life-long dream to live a slower, more deliberate life, in harmony with the land. We are a non-slaughter fiber farm, surrounded by Big Cattle - basically, the "Weird Hippies Down the Road."

In addition to sewing, I crochet, knit, spin, felt, and am in the process of learning to weave. I am a member of the Prairie Spinners and Weavers Guild here in Nebraska, and am on the board of directors for the Mid-Plains Fiber Fair, in York, Nebraska.

Back in 2013 my husband and I made a huge leap of faith, purchasing a 27-acre, 120-year-old abandoned farm and general store, a thousand miles away from our home in south Texas, and moved here to the middle of Nebraska, where he grew up.

Our hope is to one day, reopen the old general store as a combination coffee shop/yarn shop. For now, I am busy raising our fiber flock and building my online shop. Most of my focus is on my project bags, and our hand-dyed, mill-spun yarn, made mostly from our sheeps' wool.

My bags have become an integral part of my business. They are practical, useful, and, I hope, as beautiful to others as I think they are. I have multiple styles, which lend themselves to just about anything you can think of.

Read on to discover YOUR perfect project bag!

Debi's Golden Rule: You Can Never Have Too Many Project Bags

Choosing the right bag is the trick. I personally think you can never have too many.

So, how do you pick the right bag for your needs? Let's go over a few scenarios and see if we can sort that out.

As we all know, bags are like potato chips, who can stop at just one. You think you have the perfect bag for all your needs, and then you spot an identical style, but in a different fabric, that you just have to own! I call this future planning. And sooner or later you'll have a project, or something, packed into that first bag, and lo and behold, some other project will catch your eye, and you absolutely need somewhere to stash it.

I personally have no fewer than 6 going at any given time!

From-Home Projects

DIY Sheep Crafts | How to Choose the Perfect Project BagWhen you're just going about your daily life at home, choosing a bag is a bit easier. As you don't generally need to carry all of your personal bits with you to go out on the porch and sit with a project. So, depending on what you are working on, a bag that is large enough to hold your fiber, and possible pattern, could be perfect.

I personally like to keep all my notions in a separate bag, that tucks into whatever other one I am using. For me, our Uptown Bag is perfect for this.

Multitasking - Out and About with Your Project

DIY Sheep Crafts | How to Choose the Perfect Project BagNow, if you are one who likes to take your projects with you, well then, it can get interesting.

Heading to an appointment, carrying so many totes and bags you look like you may be taking up permanent residence, just isn't a good look for most. So one nice, large functional tote, with big pockets, and room to stash your project and personal bits is your best bet.

Something along the lines of our Tulip Tote, with its huge outer pocket, is perfect for this. It can do multiple jobs, without making us look like the crazy bag people we all know we really are.

Shopping - Need a Place to Stash (Hide) New Goodies?

DIY Sheep Crafts | How to Choose the Perfect Project BagWhen traveling with your projects, it is important to bring a bag that can for sure do double duty. Once again, we do not want to go about looking like the Griswalds on vacation. Make sure it is large enough to hold not only your project, but any new fiber you may acquire on the trip. For me this would be our Large Drawstring Tote.

I know for me, a look around for a local yarn shop is always a part of any trip, so it is great to have a place to stash those new acquisitions. It also helps keep "certain people" from feeling the need to say things along the lines of "Seriously, honey?" These hurtful comments usually lead to some sort of snarky remark back, thus ruining the mood of bliss that comes with new fiber purchases. In avoiding them, by having a place to tuck things away unseen, you are actually preventing what could be a completely ruined vacation for the other person.

Give yourself a big hug for being so selfless!

The Fiberista's Tool Box

DIY Sheep Crafts | How to Choose the Perfect Project BagNow, last but certainly not least, is the need to stash all those little bits, that every fiberista has. Stitch markers, scissors, cable needles, measuring tapes, etc. For that, I always have one of our great little Notions bags with me.

You really can’t go wrong with these handy little gems. Between the wrist strap, so you don’t lose it, and the fact that it is large enough to hold a ton of small bits, you might actually look like you are way more organized about your crafting than you think you are!

What's next from Debi?

We're working on several new designs currently, using multiple styles of burlap, paired with our vegan leather. Some will come pre-decorated, but the bulk will be left plain. These bags will be totally unique, as they are designed for you to be able to needle felt your own designs onto them! Super excited to release this line.

We also have another new design - a cross body project bag! These will be generously sized to hold a 3 to 4 skein project, your wallet, keys, and phone.

So there you have it! I hope I have piqued your interest enough to come over to the shop and have a look.

You can find BaaBerry Farm on Facebook or shop our online site at baaberryfarms.fibercrafty.com.

It was great having Debi Roberts come by the blog and share her expert advice with us about choosing the perfect project bag! Whether you're knitting, crocheting, weaving, felting, or just need a bag to throw some things in and head out the door, rest assured that there's a perfect project bag for YOU!