8 Inch Round Weaving Craft Box
8 Inch Round Weaving Craft Box
8 Inch Round Weaving Craft Box

8 Inch Round Weaving Craft Box

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This craft box contains everything you need to make an 8-inch round tapestry weaving / wall-hanging. Explore various types of natural fibers and textures.
Learn how to:
  • WRAP YOUR RING: Use then cotton + alpaca blend cord to wrap the metal ring until it is completely covered. Secure the ends with a knot.
  • WARP YOUR LOOM: Use the warp thread to warp your loom. Each pass through the loom should be evenly spaced, between 1/4” to 1/2” apart.
  • WEAVE: Use various stitches and fiber materials to create your unique tapestry weaving. There’s no rules in round weaving, so just go for it!
  • TIDY THE ENDS: On the back of your weaving, be sure to secure all of the tails (ends) of your fibers with knots so that they don’t come undone.  
  • FINISH: You can use an extra string of fiber to create a loop and hang your weaving on a wall. Pick a spot in your home that makes you HAPPY!


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