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the Craft Box DIGITAL

Open up to the wonderful world of fiber arts and sheep crafts each month to a new do-it-yourself craft! The Craft Box DIGITAL ONLY subscription is all of the instructional materials you need to learn and explore every avenue to fiber arts and sheep-related crafts.

It's all about expanding your interest and skills into new fiber arts through hands-on learning, each and every month!

The Craft Box is for you if you want to:

  • Eliminate the guess-work when learning a new craft or finding new materials
  • Have new supply lists and video trainings available to YOU each month
  • Explore new crafts to add to your profitable fiber or sheep business
  • Save tons of time and money
  • Unwind with a new (successful) handmade creation each month

Each month the Craft Box DIGITAL includes...

1. WRITTEN INSTRUCTIONS: Instructions as a downloadable PDF in your online member portal

2. SUPPLY LIST: you'll also get a list of supplies, so you can source extra materials for your future craft creations

3. VIDEO TUTORIAL: and each craft comes with detailed, step-by-step videos, housed in your online member's portal, so you can see the exact techniques you need to successfully complete your craft